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What my clients say - Comments and Appreciations

Comments from clients once counselling has finished and reproduced with the clients' permission (initials changed to preserve client confidentiality):

"I had a number of sessions with you in London in 2010. At that time I was in the wrong relationship and couldn't get over my divorce to my then husband, a break up I deeply regretted. I remember one of the exercises you did with me where you gave me some pebbles, each represented significant people in my life. That exercise was a real turning point for me as it gave me a visual clarity looking from above. Soon after our sessions stopped I took some steps, and in 2013 I re-married my ex-husband. We have an almost 4 year-old son now. He was one of the pebbles...and so far, life on the whole is pretty damn good. I'm not sure what trigged that memory but I felt compelled to write and also to thank you again for your sessions seven years ago.

Mrs. H.A. July 2017

“Thank you so much for your counsel over the last few months, I feel it has a made a real difference to me."
Mr.A.D. June 2017

“Time spent with Bill is empowering with the benefits lasting long beyond the counselling sessions. I have learned tools and ways of thinking about things that make navigating life’s journey easier and more fulfilling.
I first met with Bill 8 years ago and decided to visit him again recently as I embarked on a new phase of my life. There was nothing specifically “wrong” and I was sceptical I would benefit in the same way I did 8 years ago. I was mistaken! Counselling is not just for times of crisis; the clarity, perspective and cathartic value is always available!"
Mr.A.I. CFO. June 2017

"I can only recommend Bill Baker as a counsellor. He has helped me understand and access the nature of many deep seated problems in my life that I was struggling to overcome. The insight he has helped me achieve has allowed me to move forward, grow and stop carrying oppressive elements of the past with me."

"Bill provided invaluable support over an extended period both prior to and following a significant life event. Encouraging and challenging where necessary he helped me to better understand and accept the emotional journey and to clarify my thoughts and plans."

"After two years (that is such a long time), I left last week feeling very positive about ‘things’ and the way I view and re-act to them. Thank you for the summarisation. I hadn’t even thought about how the sessions would finish, it has reminded me of how far I have actually come. I have taken away with me a great deal...So, Thank You Very Much."

"At first I was sceptical that counselling would work for me but it soon became clear that it would. I felt at ease almost immediately and was comfortable speaking my thoughts. Thank you Bill.."

"Bill was a guiding force that allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings offering an insightful and non-judgemental sounding board, that helped me put my feelings and experiences into context, as well as to derive new strategies to break old habits. Those strategies have helped improve life all round. I would highly recommend him."

"Counselling helped me look at communication problems from my partner's perspective and gave me a 'reality check' in life."

"Thank you very much for the very worthwhile and beneficial experience. Our marriage has improved because of it."
Mr & Mrs D.N.

"Everyone should have the experience of counselling, especially those who think they don’t need it!."

"I found the experience extremely helpful at a difficult time. Bill was gentle but probing. His process was controlled but not controlling and we made significant progress over relatively few sessions."

"I can now start to piece my life back together again."

"Bill provided exactly what his advertisement promises - 'a safe space to talk on life's journey'. My counselling with Bill was a good support for me at a difficult time in my journey.."
Mrs O.M.

"I never thought counselling would be useful to me but I found it so helpful and supportive. We all need a little extra help now and then."
Ms Z.J.

"Bill was the best help I have ever had in my life. He was so supportive and he was the only person that I have ever known who understands me. A very big thank you."

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